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Energy Supplements That Work

Exactly how healthy and balanced are the stamina supplements that we are utilizing today?   We have actually all become aware of steroids, prohormones, as well as healthy protein powders. As well as we know that the supplement industry is a billion buck industry, often preying on the weak points of people wishing to make […]

Why I Became a Vegetarian / Vegan

As those of you who have read my blog in the past, you all probably know, Ive been eating a vegetarian diet for quite some time now. I have strayed here and there but Ive been mostly faithful to the plant way of things. Although, after reading a few books, watching a few documentaries, and […]

Its a New Day

Well well well Look who decided to show up. Me! Me! Me! I dont want to start off this post like all my recent ones, but Im just going to do it. Because thats just what my little fingers want to type. SO here it goes: Apologies aplogies for my lack of posting. When I […]

Peer Pressure: Just Say Yes!

Let me hear you say it yes! ..a little louder Yes! Still cant hear youuuu Yes!Yes!Yes!..To healthy cookies! Theres nothing like a yummy plate of cookies that taste and smell amazing! A friend sent me this recipe from a food blog, and today was the day that I felt like making them! This recipe literally […]

21 Candles

Yesterday was a very special day My 21st birthday on the 21stWoo! I seriously had the best birthday ever! It started off with breakfast at the cutest little Italian caffe.. The Epicurean so cute and cozy inside! Oh, and that coffee smell, dont get me started!! Aroma of the gods!! The caffe was especially fun […]

The Best Things In Life Are

Pumpkin Flavored!! Thats right, I said it. Pumpkin. (I was about to say excuse my enthusiasm, but you know what, dont excuse it, because pumpkins are something to be very enthusiastic about) Is it wrong of me to want to fit into theĀ  blogging world of everything pumpkin? No, its not wrong,you know why? because […]