21 Candles

Yesterday was a very special day

My 21st birthday on the 21stWoo!

I seriously had the best birthday ever!

It started off with breakfast at the cutest little Italian caffe..

The Epicurean so cute and cozy inside!

Oh, and that coffee smell, dont get me started!! Aroma of the gods!!

The caffe was especially fun because my favorite person was there!

I also started my birthday morning with the BEST coffee ever!

While sipping on our coffees, we browsed the menu and decided what to order. (this was tough because so many items looked really yummy!)

Dan got the egg sandwitch:

And I got the:

Colazione Romana
Scrambled Eggs served with Bocconcino, Tomato and grilled Eggplant flavoured with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Organic baby greens. Toasted bread, butter and jam.

This was absolutely delicious, I didnt leave one crumb on the plate. The perfect meal after a night of celebrating!

After breakfast, we headed home, unwillingly worked on some homework for a few hours, and then went to see the movie Argo.

Really good movie! Highly recommend it (true story too!) crazyness

After the movie, came the part of the day I was most looking forward to!

Dinner at a vegetarian restaurant call The Acorn.

Although it took us probably 20 minutes to find parking, it was well worth it because this place was adorable and had a really chill vibe!

We ended up sitting at the bar (the two seats closest to the wall) because the tables were all full. I originally wanted to sit at a table but once we sat at the bar, I realized how cozy it was.

Plus, the bartender was really nice and gave us great service!

We both ordered a glass of malbec, and decided on an appetizer to share:

Chestnut & Potato Soup, Parsnip Chips,
Beluga Lentils (GF / V)

(forgot to take a photo but it was really tasty!! my favorite part was the parsnip chips. My only commentary would be that the soup could have been a little hotter (it was just warm.)

Everything on the menu looked amazing, but I finally decided to go with

Raw Zucchini & Cashew Cheese Lasagne,
Lemon Sage Cream, Spinach Coulis, Pine Nuts
(GF / RAW / V)

Wowie was this delicious. There were alot of flavors going on but they all worked! I LOVED the spinach coulis part (wish there would have been more!)

I decided to order this because I rarely make raw meals for myself since it can be pretty time consuming, so I jumped at the chance to get this lasagna since I will probably never have the patience to make this at home!

Dan ordered the

Beer Battered Halloumi, Zucchini Pancake,
Smashed Peas, Yogurt, Lemon Balm

Halloumi is a type of greek cheese so this meal was theyre vegetarian take on fish and chips! It was really good, but thats alot of cheese for one meal!! Dan really liked the Halloumi cheese sticks and the zucchini pancake!  I tried the cheese as well and it was good, though the smashed peas literally just tasted like mashed peas with no seasoning at all, really bland!

Overall though, our main meals were really good and we were satisfied!

Oh, and there was no way I was going to have a birthday dinner without some cake at the end!

So I got:

Olive Oil Cake, Apple Puree, White Chocolate
Frozen Yogurt, Lemon Balm, Candied Olives
(V Option)

I really loved this cake!! I got the vegan option so it came with coconut whipped cream instead of frozen yogurt. The apple puree was amazing and the cake itself was super moist. I could definitely have gone without the candied olives though, those were just weird

After a wonderful meal, we were ready to head out..

We got the bill, and I just couldnt not take a photo how cute is this?!

I really recommend both The Acorn and Epicurean if youre ever in the Vancouver area! Both really fun and unique restaurants!

Thank you to my boyfriend for making this day incredible.. Oh and thanks to my family for sending me those cute letters and packages.. (the checks inside didnt hurt either ) Lots of love in the family!

Thats whats marvelous this Monday

Have a great one!

Looking forward to experiencing my 21st year on this earth- should be exciting!!